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Past Webinar Series on Digital Health

Saturday, Jan 20 2024
Digital Health Interoperability: Connecting Systems for Better Cancer Care

In the landscape of oncology care, seamless communication and integration of digital health systems are paramount for ensuring comprehensive and coordinated patient management. This webinar sheds light on the latest developments and initiatives aimed at enhancing cancer care through seamless system connectivity by leveraging ABDM platform. Also, discover how new features of Project Echo facilitate learning and development in the realm of digital health, particularly in the context of cancer care.

  • Progress On Interoperability Including ABDM
    Speaker Name - Mr. Kiran Anadampillai, Advisor - Technology, NHA
  • Demo Of The iECHO Platform's New Capabilities For Learning And Development
    Speaker Name - Mr. Kartik Dhar, Chief Technology Officer, Project Echo
Saturday, Mar 16 2024
Remote Patient Monitoring

Tele-ICU has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals monitor and manage critically ill patients. By leveraging telecommunication technology, Tele-ICU not only extends the reach of critical care expertise but also enhances patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency. This webinar delves into the field of Tele-ICU, examining its significance, benefits, challenges, and future prospects.

  • Implementing Remote Patient Monitoring For Better Outcomes
    Speaker Name - Mr. Shrikant Nadhamuni, Chairman 10BedICU
  • A Successful Case - Study On The Tele-ICU Model
    Speaker Name - Dr Ritesh Tapkire, Deputy Director, Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre