NCG-KCDO EMR Initiative

NCG-KCDO Invites Stakeholders to Review the Oncology Clinical Workflows Developed to Enhance the Cancer Specific Product Capabilities of EMRs

In March 2023, NCG-KCDO released the NCG EMR Requirements (NER) - a comprehensive set of EMR requirements needed for effective management of cancer patients. To further support the development of oncology specific EMRs, NCG-KCDO has developed detailed requirements and features for radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgical oncology.

We share the pre-final version of these clinical modules and welcome feedback and guidance from the healthcare community. Please share your feedback by writing to us on latest by Friday, 7th June 2024.

NCG Empanels Leading EMR Vendors To Implement ABDM Compliant Oncology Specific EMRs Across NCG Network

Use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) continues to be a big challenge for the NCG member centers. A study conducted within the NCG member centers revealed that only 15% of them were using EMR and that having an oncology specific EMR is a high priority for our network. The NCG - Koita Centre for Digital Oncology (NCG-KCDO) launched the EMR initiative in November 2022 as a focused effort to support the NCG member centres in selecting a high-quality oncology-specific EMR.

NCG-KCDO assembled a core team of medical and technology professionals that developed comprehensive NCG EMR requirements with over 200 features after a series of discussions including market feedback. NCG floated a Request For Empanelment (RFE) for solution vendors who have a strong base solution and can commit to meeting all NCG EMR requirements over the next several months.

NCG-KCDO received very positive response from the vendor community and completed a rigorous evaluation process that included the following steps:

  • Part I
    Pre-Qualification criteria including overall organizational strength, financials and experience to qualify vendors for empanelment
  • Part II
    Technical Qualification criteria including ABDM compliance, quality certifications, team capabilities and financial performance
  • Part III
    Product evaluation including detailed feature demos to understand current capabilities and commitments to meet future feature requirements
  • Part IV
    Financial Proposal Evaluation including pricing in two categories - (a) One-time perpetual license model with AMC and (b) Annual subscription model
  • Part V
    Management Presentation that included in person meetings between NCG-KCDO leadership and vendor leadership to review in more detail, vendor's capabilities and their ability and commitment to become an empanelled EMR partner
NCG is proud to announce that it has empanelled the following 6 vendors as an NCG Empanelled EMR Vendor till December 31, 2025.
These vendors with the help from the NCG EMR core group will enhance their existing products to develop high-quality oncology-specific EMR solutions.

The primary goal of this empanelment is to promote the development and adoption of ADBM compliant NCG EMRs across NCG centres, with a specific emphasis on ensuring that the EMR systems deployed possess sufficient capabilities to support cancer-related requirements. To achieve this, NCG will provide cancer care experts to partner with the empanelled vendors to complete the product roadmap journey towards a best-in-class oncology EMR as well as focus on critical foundational capabilities including but not limited to interoperability, data security and privacy, and analytics. NCG Empanelled EMR Vendors will be actively involved in the EMR adoption and implementation process to ensure that EMR usage is optimized and integrated into existing clinical workflows across NCG centres.

The NCG EMR initiative is a first-of-its-kind major initiative in India towards the important objective of driving integrated care. NCG has also launched the Leading EMR Adopter Program (LEAP) to identify NCG network centers that are willing to participate in implementing ABDM compliant NCG Empanelled Oncology EMRs. NCG will help empanelled vendors engage with NCG hospitals and help NCG hospitals select the solution which best meets their needs and support ABDM workflow implementation. Over the next several months, LEAP will be activated at several of the NCG network hospitals. Hospitals that are interested in this program (including partial funding support), are requested to write back to us (, with cc to with a statement confirming your organization's commitment to deploy and implement one of the six NCG Empanelled EMR solutions.

In addition to EMR as a foundational capability, NCG-KCDO is committed to facilitate the digital transformation of cancer care across the patient's care journey that will help improve quality, increase access and reduce cost of cancer care over time.